United Kingdom

Christopher Hayward

High School Principal, MYP Coordinator (G9-10), Mathematics Teacher

Bachelor Of Science (Applied Mathematics)
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)

Having grown up in an international 甘肃11选5遗漏 and having always enjoyed mathematics, sharing my passion for the subject with others lead me to teaching. I completed an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and subsequently teacher training and then enjoyed a range of experiences teaching in Scotland. The international pull grew stronger and I moved with my wife to Brunei. During an enriching eight years there I became Head of Department and subsequently Assistant Head, gaining experience with the IBDP Programme.

Moving on as a family of four, the opportunities of a vibrant city and new challenges brought us to Singapore and the ISS community became our 甘肃11选5遗漏.

Working closely with students and seeing them grow through their 甘肃11选5遗漏 life and learning from their experiences gives me enormous pleasure. I strive to see students leaving 甘肃11选5遗漏 as strong individuals confident in their own abilities and able to work collaboratively with others.


Fiona Edwards

High School Assistant Principal, HSD & EAL Coordinator

Bachelor of Education (English, Bahasa Indonesia)

From a young age I lived in Indonesia and Brunei and experienced Singapore’s urban jungle in my teens. I finished high 甘肃11选5遗漏 and university in Perth, and at first found it difficult to reconcile my new Australian identity. My connection to Asia and my exposure to expat life made a Bachelor of Education in English and Bahasa Indonesia from Curtin University a natural choice. After 8 successful and fulfilling years teaching Bahasa at Perth College甘肃11选5遗漏, an Anglican girl’s 甘肃11选5遗漏, it was time for a change of scenery again to feed my travel bug! I spent the next 18 months travelling Asia and Europe, and living and teaching in the UK.

My next and current adventure took me back to South East Asia and ISS International School. It has been wonderful reminiscing about old 甘肃11选5遗漏 days with current students. Being able to give back to and be part of an international 甘肃11选5遗漏 community again has been extremely rewarding!


Dharshini Jeremiah

Middle School Assistant Principal, MYP Coordinator (G6-8), Science Teacher

Bachelor of Science (1st Class Hons) (Biomedical)
Doctor of Philosophy (General Medicine)
Graduate Diploma (Secondary Education)

Born in Malaysia and brought up in Australia since the age of 4 by Sri Lankan parents, I have been grateful for the experiences I have had as a third culture child. After completing my PhD in Biomedical Sciences, I got married and decided to pursue an international teaching career. I have enjoyed teaching and leadership positions in public, private and international 甘肃11选5遗漏s across Australia, UK and Singapore. ISS is truly a family community; one which my own family thrive and grow in everyday. I actively try to educate to make a difference, and I look forward to working with our wonderful community as Assistant Principal of Middle School.

New Zealand

Ariana Rehu

Elementary School Assistant Principal, PYP Coordinator

Bachelor of Teaching & Learning (Education)

Originally from New Zealand, I have been teaching for 14 years and have spent the past 10 years involved in International Education in the Middle East and in Singapore. I have been a teacher at ISS International School for the past 7 years and now hold the position of Elementary School Assistant Principal and PYP Coordinator. I am committed to helping students become who they want to be. I believe in providing and guiding meaningful learning experiences for the students so that they know what they are learning, how they are learning and, most importantly, why they are learning it.


Christopher Garden

IBDP Coordinator, TOK Coordinator and Music Teacher

Bachelor Of Music
Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Music)
Master Of Theology

I am a passionate IB leader, educator and musician with vast experience in international and Australian 甘肃11选5遗漏s, specialising in Music, Theory of Knowledge and Religious Education. A passionate musician with extensive experience leading ensembles, my leadership philosophy stems from a desire to achieve excellence through team building. My core motivation is seeing improved teaching and learning for all students through developing meaningful collaborative cultures within 甘肃11选5遗漏 settings. A strong belief in constructivist and inquiry-based learning leads me to be an advocate for the IB frameworks, with experience in both the Diploma and Middle Years Programmes. Leading students and teachers into the unknown world of the 21st Century through developing core ‘soft skills’ and positive psychology is certainly an exciting venture.